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Lets face it, there are many times when you just want to practice in another room or are at a friends house and you do not want to have your traditional tube style stand with you.  If you ever play in a small club or need to work in a studio with limited space, the Axe-Handler is the perfect product.  Just set the Axe-Handler down on nearly any flat surface (coffee table, end table, amp, chair, stool, counter, desk, dresser, drum riser, reference monitor) and you have a support stand for your guitar.  
Re-Axe Products makes all of their products in the USA.  They take pride in bringing to market solutions for guitarists.  The product weights about 16 oz and is very durable.   Axe-Handler S/O "Strings Out" model! Wider opening for bass guitars, also, can be placed upright to set the neck of your guitar in to do sting changes and set ups! 
Why use a support stand?  When you rest a guitar up against a table or amp, you have the risk of it sliding over, falling and really ruining your overall day.  

The Axe-Handler by Re-Axe. Yes that’s a healthy display of the hyphen. And no, we're not talking about the kind of axe George Washington used to cut down a cherry tree.

What we are talking about is an American-made, mega-portable guitar stand that you can stash inside your case or gigbag to save your instrument from being the victim of a party foul at your next gig or living-room jam session.

There are two flavors of the Axe-Handler — the Original and the S/O.

What’s the difference? They both sit on the edge of your coffee table, desk, stool, amp or speaker cabinet and anchor your guitar or bass against gravity. But there are a few subtle differences. The Original Axe-Handler offers a pick holder. You’ll note the flat cutout that works best if you place your guitar strings-first into the holder.

The Axe-Handler S/O is a multi-tasker. The S/O stands for “strings out,” which means you place the back of the neck inside the soft V-shaped cutout. What I liked best about the S/O was that I could stand it upright on any table or even inside my guitar case and change strings or do minor tweaks.

Both Axe-Handler models are made from a durable rubber and are internally braced with steel. This ain’t no cookie-cutter nonsense! They stand about an inch tall and take up about as much space as a pack of guitar strings. The weight is comparable to full can of soda.

You can buy either of Re-Axe’s Axe-Handlers online, but the guys encourage you to check out a local music shop. In fact, the name of the Axe-Handler came from a music shop. Instead of dealing exclusively with the big commercial chains, they prefer to stick with local shops all over the US. Check their website below to find a list of dealers.

MusicianYou Magazine  (The Original Model is Reviewed)

I could start this review off writing how no one has free time, but you don’t have the time to read it! Most of us don’t have the luxury of locking ourselves in a room for 4 hours at a time to practice, so we grab 5, 10, 15 minutes here and there to learn new tunes and keep our chops up. The Axe-Handler by Re-Axe is an American made, desktop guitar stand that instantly turns any speaker cabinet, coffee table or chair into a guitar stand.

The Axe-Handler isn’t flimsy in the least. It packs some heat weighing in right under a pound at 13.5 oz and is made of a durable rubber compound internally braced with steel. The underside is rigid and will grab most surfaces without leaving any residue or imprint of any kind.

The game plan is it hangs off a table and holds your guitar in place. It works best when your strings rest against the Axe-Handler. There is a slot on the base that is great for storing picks.

The Axe-Handler falls in size somewhere between a cell phone and a CD case so where your old guitar stand meant another hand or another trip I can easily toss this right in my guitar case or cable bag. Once I get to my destination the Axe-Handler can comfortably hang off of most guitar/bass amps I tried it on. One quick note; your instrument still will touch the floor as the Axe-Handler doesn’t lock in or suspend your guitar.

As a minimalist I really like this product. My gigs don’t require me to bring a rack of guitars out and I often like to sit at the computer and learn new music. So listening to the track, playing it back, then setting my guitar down while I scribble out a chord chart makes this a life saver. I absolutely loathe the budget stand with the U bracket at the bottom that either gets lost or tangled up in cables.

If I haven’t sold you yet, check out the Re-Axe website where they offer plenty of viewer submitted feedback and videos. But seeing is believing isn’t it? Can your current stand survive getting run over? Not much can!


Lone Phantom 

An easy to carry, portable solution for safely resting your guitar at a jam. rehearsal or gig is something many people are after. Most ‘portable’ stands are still quite cumbersome to carry though. RE-Axe have come up with a solution: the Axe Handler.

The Axe Handler is a small guitar-shaped contraption, made out of a heavy-duty rubber compound, braced with steel. It has such a small footprint that it would probably fit in some pockets. With this sort of size it really is the perfect companion when heading out to jams, rehearsals and gigs.

With a lip on the ‘horns’ where your guitar’s neck sits and a high grip surface, the Axe Handler won’t easily slide or fall off what it’s sitting on. You can sit the Axe Handler on a desk, table, chair, amplifier, or any other flat solid surface. It takes a reasonable hit to knock your guitar over, no different to any other stand though. RE-Axe also saw fit to add a little pocket to keep your spare guitar picks in while you are playing.

The rubber compound used to make the Axe Handler shouldn’t react with any vintage or modern neck coatings. You shouldn’t incur any damage to the finish of your guitar’s neck like you get from some materials used in other guitar stands. In saying that, RE-Axe recommend you stand your guitar with the strings facing in on the Axe Handler, but I found either way worked well.

In practice the Axe Handler does a great job of supporting your guitar on many surfaces.  The Axe Handler and my guitar barely moved at all when sitting on my computer desk, even with fairly reasonable bumps. I also found that it worked well sitting on my Kustom KGA65 combo. Really it can be used on most solid sturdy surfaces, and I don’t think you’d have any issues using the Axe Handler as long as you use common sense. I only had a chance to try the Axe Handler on a carpeted floor, but RE-Axe are confident the Axe Handler will do just as good a job on hard floor surfaces too. RE-Axe have some video on their site showing the Axe Handler in action on a hardwood floor, and keeping a guitar steady from some fairly heavy bumps.

Overall the RE-Axe Axe Handler is a great little device at a great price. Any guitar player will be able to find a use for the Axe Handler, whether they strictly play at home, jam with friends, or play in a band. It’s definitely worth checking out.


Some products are aspirational in nature. “Buy this Fender Eric Clapton Signature Strat and your blues solos will sound just like Slowhand’s.” Or “Hop on this Harley and the world will see you as the rebel you really are.”

That’s all well and good, but I like products that understand who we really are. “Sometimes you’re lazy and lean your $2,000 guitar up against your amp instead of cradling it in a stand.” Or “You tend to leave your guitar stand at home because you’ve got enough stuff to carry to a gig and the stand just doesn’t fit in your gig bag.”

Sound familiar?

The Axe-Handler portable guitar stand, the first product from Re-Axe Products, understands the real you. The designers took a real problem – delicate instruments in a dangerous world – and made things a bit safer for your guitar.

The product itself is very simple. Weighing in at about a pound, the metal plate at the core of the Axe-Handler is surrounded by rubber. At the end that holds the guitar, a long rubber edge hangs over the table or amp to keep the Axe-Handler in place, while more rubber extends from either side to keep the guitar neck sturdy.

The Axe-Handler is extremely compact – small enough to fit in the back of your amp, your guitar case, or even your pocket. And at $17.95, this product is cheap enough to have a few lying around in strategic spots. Think of it as a $18 insurance policy!

The guys at Re-Axe sent me an Axe-Handler for review, and overall it works like a charm! It’s certainly heavy enough to stay put, and the rubber grips the neck for extra security. I did feel a bit more secure when the Axe-Handler was higher off the ground. For example, it seemed sturdier placed on a high chair or low table vs my amp.

The one warning I would attach to this product is that it works much, much better on carpet than hardwood floors. When your amp or table is sitting on carpet, the guitar’s strap button is able to dig into the carpet, giving it extra grip to prevent sliding. On carpet I felt very confident that my guitar was safe. On a wood floor, the strap button didn’t have that grip and tended to slide out from beneath the guitar. This got worse the greater the angle of the guitar’s lean.

If I had a wish list for the next iteration of this product, I would make two suggestions. First, I think some sort of strap that fits around the neck would give me some extra piece of mind. Second – and this might be something that no one would actually use (see laziness above) – perhaps an extra rubber piece that fits over the strap button would keep the guitar from sliding on non-carpeted floors.